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Frequently asked questions for Shelly Devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. At what circumstances I need to use Shelly bypass?  
  2. Calibration on Shelly 2.5 is not working. Where is the problem?  
  3. Can I change the status period update?  
  4. Can I control the New-Generation devices through Bluetooth?  
  5. Can I extend the cables from Shelly Add-On / CT transformers?  
  6. Can i measure a DC load ?  
  7. Can I measure the moisture with some Shelly product?  
  8. Can I monitor a solar panel?  
  9. Can I monitor the Open/Close status when controlling the garage door?  
  10. Can I send HTTP commands to a Shelly device itself?  
  11. Can I send HTTPS commands with New Generation devices?  
  12. Can I send HTTPS commands with Old generation devices?  
  13. Can I use 50A clamp for Shelly 3EM?  
  14. Can I use a dimming-knob as “SW” input to Shelly devices?  
  15. Can I use another brand CTs for Shelly EM/3EM?  
  16. Can I use any Shelly device to control my ceiling fan? I want to turn it on/off and control the speed.  
  17. Can I use different phase/voltage on L1-L4 or S1-S4 on Shelly Pro 4PM?  
  18. Can I use Plus devices with LAN cable?  
  19. Can I use Pro devices with LAN cable?  
  20. Can I use rechargable batteries 3.7V CR123A for Shelly H&T/Shelly Flood/ Shelly DoorWindow 2  
  21. Can I use Shelly 1 as a transformer?  
  22. Can I use Shelly 1 with 20A load?  
  23. Can i use Shelly 3EM for network voltage monitoring? Is it possible to view the voltage graph for the past 24 hours?  
  24. Can I use Shelly 3EM without neutral?  
  25. Can I use Shelly devices with Zigbee hub ?  
  26. Can I use Shelly Dimmer 2 with Shelly Button accessory?  
  27. Can I use Shelly Pro device for access point?  
  28. Can I use Shelly relays without a neutral cable connected?  
  29. Can I use Shelly sensors outside?  
  30. Can I use Shelly Wall switch without a smart relay?  
  31. Can the Shelly UNI output voltage in range 0-12V?  
  32. Can you advise the functions of Shelly devices with Bluetooth? Can it create meshed BLE network?  
  33. Does New Generation devices support MQTTS?  
  34. Does Old Generation devices support MQTTs ?  
  35. Does Old Generation devices support scripting?  
  36. For what I can use the output of Shelly EM/3EM?  
  37. For which products I can use the RC snubber?  
  38. For which Shelly devices can I use Shelly Bypass?  
  39. How can I compare Shelly devices?  
  40. How long do the batteries last in Shelly products that use them?  
  41. How many Shelly devices can I put on one Wi-Fi network?  
  42. How many temperature sensors can I connect to AddOn for Shelly 1/1PM?  
  43. How Shelly battery-powered devices work?  
  44. How to check the IP address of the Shelly device if it's listed as OFFLINE?  
  45. How to connect 120A transformer to Shelly EM?  
  46. How to use Shelly devices without internet?  
  47. I am not able to connect to Shelly network. What should I do?  
  48. I cannot add Shelly device to the cloud. Error "Device owned by another user" is registered. What should I do?  
  49. I got Shelly UL version - I see on device's label it can be powered by 30-50V but on documentation is stated 24-60V. What is the correct value?  
  50. I have a sprinkler system. What device is required for automating it?  
  51. I have a wind sensor attached to the roller shutter. Would it work with Shelly 2.5, Shelly Plus 2?  
  52. I have an Air Conditioner. Can I use some of the Shelly relays to turn on/off them remotely?  
  53. I have purchased Shelly RGBW2 and have noticed an extra item in the packaging. It has a central circuit board covered in heat shrink. What is the purpose for it?  
  54. I have worries that my devices are getting to high temperatures. What can I do?  
  55. I ordered Shelly EM with 120A CT, and it has a plastic connector at the end. How to connect them?  
  56. I see wrong measurement from Shelly EM/3EM. What should I do?  
  57. I want to control a load above 16A and monitor his consumption. What device should I use?  
  58. I would like to control and monitor my boiler, which is usually 16A. Which Shelly device do I heed?  
  59. If I have a Shelly 1 with an Add-On used for a door sensor (external switch enabled), can I add a temperature sensor on the same add-on?  
  60. In which situations I need the RC snubber?  
  61. Is it possible to control 2 devices together, when there is no physical connection between them?  
  62. Is it possible to control devices with HTTP commands when temporary there is no internet access?  
  63. Is it possible to use external power supply for Shelly H&T?  
  64. Is it possible to use the temperature Add-On from Old generation devices to the NG devices ?  
  65. Is it safe to use Shelly H&T/Plus H&T with batteries and USB power at the same?  
  66. My devices are turning on at a specific time. What should I do to stop this?  
  67. My Shelly relay is restarting when switching on inductive load - such as fans, motors, roller. What should I do?  
  68. What can I use the temperature Add-On for?  
  69. What devices are part of New Generation?  
  70. What does "dry contacts" mean on the Shelly 1?  
  71. What is the difference between Plus and Pro devices?  
  72. What is the difference between Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM?  
  73. What is the difference between Shelly 1 and Shelly 2.5?  
  74. What is the difference between Shelly Plug and Shelly Plug S?  
  75. What is the output of the Shelly RGBW2?  
  76. What is the power consumption of the Shelly devices themselves?  
  77. What is the reason my Shelly devices are going in factory reset mode without my intention?  
  78. What is UL certification and what is the difference between UL and non-UL device?  
  79. What power Shelly devices need?  
  80. What product do I need for garage/gate doors ?  
  81. What will happen if my internet drops? Will my Shelly EM/3EM continue to report the energy?  
  82. What's the difference between Gen. 1 and Gen. 2 devices?  
  83. Where i can see more script examples?  
  84. Which device I can use for monitoring voltage?  
  85. Which device measures amperage?  
  86. Which devices supports scripting ?  
  87. Which Shelly products allow dimming?  
  88. Which Shelly products measure power?  
  89. Why I cannot press the button on Shelly i4/i3 at the app ?  
  90. Why is the Shelly 1 called 'Open Source'?  
  91. Why my Shelly PLUS H&T shows different temperatures on the display and from the app?  
  92. Why my Smart bulbs are not switching ON with configured "Night mode" after turning them ON via switch?  

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