App and Cloud FAQ

Frequently asked questions for the application and cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After creating a new scene/group it is gone. What should I do?  
  2. Can I use Shelly Pro devices for access point?  
  3. Can I use the Shelly devices without Shelly Cloud App?  
  4. Do I need the cloud to use Shelly Cloud App?  
  5. How can I Edit/Delete my rooms?  
  6. How can I enable the MQTT feature?  
  7. How can I share my devices with family members?  
  8. How many entries are stored in the event log?  
  9. How to add Scenes in Shelly Cloud app?  
  10. How to control devices from PC?  
  11. How to use MQTT and Cloud in same time for Old generation devices?  
  12. I am not able to add my device to the Cloud. What should I do?  
  13. I am not able to login in the application with my credentials. What should I do?  
  14. I cannot include Shelly device to the cloud. Error "Device owned by another user" is registered. What should I do?  
  15. I have changed my router. How to integrate back my devices into the new router and network?  
  16. I have installed Shelly Door/Window2 sensor, but I do not receive email/phone notifications. What should I do?  
  17. Is it possible to create a scene on certain channel of my device?  
  18. My device has Wi-Fi periodic connectivity issues. What should I do?  
  19. My email/phone notifications are not working. What should I do?  
  20. My logs are not storred? What can I do?  
  21. Phone notifications don't work, what to do?  
  22. Shelly device is shown as offline in Cloud Application, but it is powered. What is the problem?  
  23. Should I pay for the cloud services?  
  24. What does "condition types" mean in Scenes ?  
  25. What is the purpise of Shelly devices with Bluetooth? Can it create meshed BLE network?  
  26. What is the reason I am not receiving email notifications from scenes?  
  27. Where is my consumption history? It does not show in the application?  
  28. Which ports should I open if I have "restricted" network  
  29. Why I am not able to press the button on Shelly i4/i3 at the app?  

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